iPROFILER (Part A). Common procedures for tumour molecular profiling and treatment recommendation

Tier 1 – Validated pre-screening markers

CCE 350 gene panel:

  • Based on the MSKCC-IMPACT panel
  • Hybridization capture-based next-generation sequencing assay for targeted deep sequencing of all exons and selected introns of 341 key cancer genes in formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded Tumours
  • Utilises Roche-Kapa-Nimblegen hybridisation sequencing technology

Tier 2a – Exploratory pre-screening markers

  • Nanostring
  • cfDNA
  • RNA seq
  • WES
  • Proteomics

Tier 2b – Companion diagnostics

  • iPROFILERtissue can be used for validating potential companion diagnostics
  • For Module 1: FMI